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13 Non-Obvious Things That Can Influence the Outcome of Your Job Interview

Your knowledge and experience are crucial factors in a job interview. But aside from the obvious, there are some unusual circumstances that can affect the outcome. If you’re aware of these nuances, it will be easier to make a good impression and increase your chances of getting the job.

ESP has created a list of the most unexpected things that can really make a difference in the result of your job interview.

13. The weather on the day of your interview

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There are research studies that show how weather can impact the outcomes of significant events. It affects both individuals like us and recruiters. Some people’s mood or emotional state can be influenced by the weather, so if it’s rainy, they may become less focused and even irritable. Those who have job interviews on gloomy, rainy days tend to achieve poorer results compared to those interviewed on sunny days. If feasible, it’s advisable to schedule a job interview when you anticipate good weather.



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